Terms of Use




1. General provisions

1.1 Please read these User Agreement ("Agreement") carefully before using the Website.;

1.2 Using the Website automatically implies that you have carefully read and fully and unconditionally accept all the provisions of this Agreement;

1.3 In case of partial or full disagreement with this Agreement or any of its provisions, it is prohibited to use the Website;

1.4 The use of the Islamic social network Umma Life implies that you undertake to fully comply with all provisions of this Agreement. 


2. Parties to the Agreement and Terms Used

2.1 The User Agreement refers to this document and constitutes a unilateral and unconditional agreement. The User agrees to fully and unconditionally accept it in order to start using the Website. By using the Website, the User automatically accepts this Agreement;

2.2 Umma Life website - Umma Life social network, hosted at: https://umma.life/ (including all levels of this domain, both operating as of the date of the User's acceptance of this Agreement, and launched and commissioned within the term of its validity);

2.3 Umma Life Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") is a set of rules derived from the Islamic legislation and regulating the actions of the User of this Website;

2.4 Services refers to a set of options provided to the User when using the Website. The Provider may unilaterally change the scope and quality of services provided without giving prior or subsequent notice to the User;

2.5 Provider refers to the Administration and the technical team of the Website all in one. Provider undertakes to provide the User advisory information on issues directly related to the use of the Website. The Contractor is one of the parties to this User Agreement;

2.6 User means any individual who uses the Website for any purpose. This User Agreement is fully applicable to all individuals who use the Website, regardless of whether or not they have registered. The User is one of the Parties to this Agreement. 


3. Provider rights

3.1 The Provider is entitled to limit or stop providing the Services at any time and to any extent, as well as to suspend the User's ability to use the Website in the future should the User violate one or more provisions of this User Agreement;

3.2 The Provider is not obliged to notify the User about the limitation or termination of the Services;

3.3 The Provider may change the quality and scope of the Services provided without notifying and agreeing on any changes with the User;

3.4 The Provider analyzes the preferences, suggestions and complaints of users in order to ensure the provision of services in an appropriate scope and of appropriate quality;

3.5 The Provider is entitled to use the User's information in order to provide the Services in an appropriate scope and of appropriate quality;

3.6 The Provider is entitled to unilaterally make changes to this User Agreement;

3.7 The Provider bears no responsibility for any materials posted and distributed by the User using the Website, including cases where the User posts any materials that infringe the law. The Administration of the Website is entitled to block the User for evident law infringements (calls for terrorist acts or expressing support for them, calls for crimes, trafficking and distribution of weapons, distribution and/or promotion of drugs, distribution of any pornographic material, child pornography, inducement to suicide or self-inflicted injuries). In case of repeated violation, the Administration of the Website is entitled to ban any further use of the Services by the User using the available technical means;

3.8 The Provider is entitled to change the User's account name if it is offensive to other users or contrary to the Islamic ethics;

3.9 The Provider is entitled to remove content that violates third-party copyrights;

3.10 The Provider is entitled to block the User's account for repeated copyright infringement.


4. Provider duties

4.1 The Provider is obliged to provide the User with the Services defined in this User Agreement, which means enabling the User to use technical features of the Website;

4.2 The Provider is obliged to advise the User on issues related to the direct use of the Services;

4.3 Should the Provider make any major changes to this Agreement, the Provider undertakes to notify the User of such changes via the internal communication means available on the Website no later than 7 days following the changes;

4.4 No User data may be disclosed to third parties. All personal and group chats are encrypted using the AES-256 standard so as to protect the confidentiality of Users' messages;

4.5 The Provider assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred by the User, including damage related to the account loss or blocking.


5. User rights

5.1 The User is entitled to use the Website and Services provided that he/she agrees to and complies with all the provisions of this Agreement;

5.2 The User is entitled to contact the Provider for clarification of any issues related to the use of the Website or receiving the Services, using the feedback form available on the "Contact Us" page of the Website;

5.3 The User is entitled to delete his/her account at any time, thereby dissolving this Agreement. 


6. User duties

6.1 The User undertakes to unconditionally comply with all the provisions of this User Agreement;

6.2 In order to use the Website, the User must fully understand all of the provisions of this Agreement, including all words and all technical terms mentioned herein;

6.3 The User undertakes not to violate any third-party copyrights when using the Website;

6.4 The User consents that the Website displays his/her account name, profile picture and activity information (likes and comments), and that he/she is allowed to see recommendations;

6.5 The User is solely responsible for all of his/her activities on the Website and the consequences of such activities. The User is responsible for the security of his/her account and community/communities;

6.6 Any User activities that may harm or injure the Website shall constitute a violation of this User Agreement and result in its immediate dissolution with termination of providing the Services to the User. In such event, the Provider reserves the right to block any further use of the Website by the User using the available technical means;

6.7 The User agrees to make reasonable use of the Website;

6.8 The User undertakes that he/she will not intentionally take any actions aimed at failure, degradation or interruption of the Website;

6.9 The User is obliged to refrain from any actions that could potentially limit the Website's accessibility or performance for other users;

6.10 The Administration of the Website suggests that the User regularly refer to this Agreement in order to be updated on important changes;

6.11 The User undertakes to unconditionally and fully accept all the updates and changes made to this Agreement. Any changes and updates are accepted automatically upon further use of the Website by the User. Should the User partially or fully disagree with any update or change, he/she shall cease using the Website;

6.12 The User bears responsibility for keeping his/her data confidential, including the login and password for his/her account on the Website;

6.13 The User undertakes not to use third-party software, tools, technical solutions, etc., in order to modify or improve the operation of this Website;

6.14. The User is obliged to avoid creating accounts, accessing or collecting information by non-authorized means. This involves creating fake accounts or automatically collecting information with no permission granted by the Administration of the Website; 

6.15 The User is obliged to avoid buying, selling or transferring any component of his/her account (including username and password) or requesting, collecting or using credentials or personal photos and videos of other users;

6.16 Should the User use third-party services or software that modifies or in any way affects the Website, the provision of the Services to the User will be immediately terminated;

6.17 If any bugs or vulnerabilities are detected on the Website, the User undertakes not to misuse them for any purpose;

6.18 The User undertakes not to disclose bugs and vulnerabilities of the Website to third parties. The User can report such bugs directly to the Administration of the Website in exchange for compensation.


Prohibited activities and content on the Website

It is prohibited to use the Website for any criminal activity or to encourage such activity, including, but not limited to:

  • calls for terrorist activities, 
  • justification of terrorist activities,
  • propaganda of extremist ideology,
  • sale and distribution of weapons,
  • propaganda, sale and distribution of drugs, 
  • inducement to suicide,
  • inducement to self-harm,
  • inducement to harm others,
  • distribution of any pornographic materials,
  • dissemination of deliberately false or misleading information (https://quran-online.ru/49:6),
  • insult to the feelings of believers (https://quran-online.ru/6:108).

It is prohibited to use the Website for transgender and LGBT propaganda and supporting such ideas.

It is prohibited to share pictures of women in the public domain. The only exception includes pictures in the niqab. However, women can still post their photos in hijab in private women's groups/communities and on their personal pages, if access is restricted by gender (available only to women);

Men are allowed to post their photos and videos in the public domain. At the same time, men's clothing in photos and videos posted on the Website should at least cover the body area below the navel and above the knees.