About us Umma Life
One Ummah — One Network - was created as a response to the Internet technology needs of Muslims and all adherents of traditional value


About the Platform and Its Creators

Umma Life social network was created as a response to the Internet technology needs of Muslims and all adherents of traditional values.

Even though the platform is called an Islamic social network, we cordially welcome all users who accept the User Agreement, regardless of their beliefs. 

The Administration of the Islamic social network Umma Life is not related to any group or jamaat. We are Muslims, who are completely independent of the influence of any forces, movements, etc. We try to stay in line with prophetic methodology in our religious beliefs, in accordance with the practice of the first generations of Muslims.

Our Mission 

  • We strongly believe that all people should contribute to the development and improvement of our society. Umma Life social network aims to unite the Ummah and make it devout, strong, progressive, smart, and prosperous. For this purpose, we provide users with a cutting-edge and secure platform. Our mission is to give people access to the full range of modern social networking features while protecting them from harmful content.
  • In order to identify the key problems people face as social media users, we conducted a survey. At the time we publish this article, we received 767 responses. So here are the results:
  • 36% of survey participants believe that most social networks fail to ensure the privacy of user data. In their opinion, that is the worst problem;
  • 40% said that since social media regulations contradict Islamic values, they often come across content they don't want to see;
  • 16% are fed up with aggressive transgender and LGBT propaganda;
  • 8% are alarmed that social networks are full of so-called "death groups”. 
  • We are blessed by the grace of Allah to have succeeded in creating a social network that solves all of the abovementioned problems:
  • All of our chats are AES-256 encrypted, meaning their content is only available if you log in to the user's account by entering his/her username and password. Our processing centers display messages as a set of random characters, the same thing intruders will see if they try to access the correspondence;
  • Regulations of the social network are based on Sharia law and do not allow the publication of materials that contradict Islamic values;
  • transgender and LGBT propaganda is prohibited on the Website. The Administration will remove such content and ban its author;
  • the same applies to so-called "death groups" and their creators.


One Ummah - One Network!