The first-ever Ramdan competition on Blockchain was launched by ISLAMICOIN!

The competition is intensive and the prizes are valuable! Participate to be one of the winners!

1st place: $1,000 💲

2nd place: $800 💲

3rd place: $600 💲

4th place: $400 💲

5th place: $200 💲

Every participant in the competition for more than 24 days will automatically have their wallet address entered into a random blockchain draw, regardless of their balance in the competition. The smart contract will randomly select ten wallets from among the participants who have been in the competition for more than 24 days, and each wallet owner will receive a prize of $20. The top rankings in the competition will not be included in the wallets randomly selected by the smart contract.

Download ISLAMIwallet or update the New version 1.4.7 to participate in ISLAMICOIN Ramadan Competition

From Apple store:

From Play Store:

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